Native Advertising and How It’s Trending

Unlike banner or display ads, native ads don’t look like ads. They don’t disrupt the user interaction with the page they are visiting. This is the key to native advertising. Native ads deliver the reader promotional content without sticking out. 

Year, after year native advertising spending has continued an upward trend worldwide. This trend is not slowing down in the coming years. This is because native advertising has proven to be effective and profitable. Major companies have increased their native advertising budgets for 2023 by as much as 30%. 

Native advertising has proven effective because customers tend to trust it at a higher rate. This is because these ads match the look, feel, and function of the media format where they appear. They fit “natively” and seamlessly on the web page. The customization shows a level of care and understanding of the customer’s needs and wants when it comes to purchasing. 

With its softer more trust-based and seamless approach native advertising gets 5-10X higher average CTRs than more aggressive push marketing approaches. Push marketing has its place in advertising, but in most spaces, native ads comparatively convert better. 

In the coming year, you will see some new and escalating trends in native advertising. Including a higher adoption of native video advertising on a larger scale. In past years native advertising was less available for a majority of businesses, but this trend has started to shift since 2021. The flow, look, and feel of video advertising has caught the attention of major platforms and websites, and that is opening up options for native video ad creations. 

As the native ad space grows we are likely to see an increase in creative ads. As more brands create higher-quality advertisements they will need to expand. So you will likely see companies use Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets for more creative native ads. As we move forward, we can expect to see more innovative and creative forms of native ads that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Native advertising has its strength in making the customer feel at home indie the ad. It allows them to experience the look and feel of the site, page, or product that they are already interested in.