Using Dating Statistics to Help Your Campaigns

Dating is one of the oldest niches in affiliate marketing, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Year after year dating sites have collected a wide range of statistics that help internet marketers better understand dating habits, trends, and more effective marketing methods. 

Keeping these stats in mind can help you build better campaigns that convert better. 

Understanding that women are making the first move in the current dating environment can help you better target your ads. Statistics show that women-initiated conversations last longer and end in real-life meetings and relationships. 

Statistics are also showing that in the post covid era long distance relationships are gaining momentum. People are more comfortable building more extended conversations online before meeting in person and are more open to building a relationship with someone in another GEO. This can help you as a marketer open the possibilities of extending the GEOs you currently focus on. 

Additionally, more dating apps are showing that members are searching less for physical features. Bumbl claims their stats show that one-third of people (38%) no longer search for a specific type of person but are open to all the variations of appearances. Stats also show that 63% of people are not looking for looks but are looking for emotionally available daters and meaningful conversations.

It is good to follow the stats released from dating sites and target your campaigns to target the statistically highest converting customers.