Utilizing Community and User Generated Content

If you are in the affiliate space, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different types of publishers to work with. Understanding the types of publishers that are present within an industry is important and useful to you. Being informed about this can help you develop a strong affiliate marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. 

There are many types of publishers, along with some hybrid models as well. An example of a hybrid might be a cashback site that also offers voucher codes. 

For this blog let’s focus on community and user-generated content publishers. 

There are many online shopping boards and chats where consumers give each other advice, share information, or ask for help. This can be for specific items or niche products. An example would be boards where customers share where to buy rare collectibles or a Facebook page where people compare the best dating apps. 

Community-generated content often comes in the form of discussion forums. Forums also are used by users to access deals, discounts, and freebies posted by other members.

One of the advantages of user and community-generated content is that your audience is already highly engaged customers. This makes it easy to cultivate brand awareness in your niche,  as well as provides you with an opportunity to build a loyal client base.

As with all content, in order to engage the community you want to create marketing that specifically targets and entices that community. This means telling them about any latest offers, and exclusive codes and also engaging with the community to make your audience feel heard.