What does PPL mean?

Our last post for 2021

PPL means pay-per-lead. In the affiliate marketing world, PPL is a payout model where the advertisers will pay an affiliate a commission based on the number of leads they deliver.

But, what’s a lead?

A lead is when a visitor to the website sign up as a potential customer interested in a promotion offer. The lead must include a valid email signup.

Let us go a little further with this. A lead can be offered in an SOI or DOI form. An SOI is a single opt-in, and a DOI is a double opt-in, which means the user following a DOI must confirm their email address.

How to make money with PPL:

If you are an affiliate working with PPL offers, you get paid by the advertiser for your leads.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Not necessarily, and here’s why.

After so many leads, the advertiser of the offer expects a conversion. A conversion means the person who put in the original email address purchases something. The advertiser then makes money. However, if you’re getting paid for the valid email addresses but no conversions, you run the risk of the advertiser booting you from running that offer and potentially working with them again.

Advertisers are in the business to make money; if you’re making money and they’re not, then advertisers will not want to work with you. It’s as simple as that.

Want conversions?

Test your traffic. Start with a small test run and see if your traffic is converting. Work with your affiliate manager (AM) if they’re not. Your AM can help try and balance different traffic sources to achieve a good quality/volume ratio to enhance your leads. The better the leads/conversions, the easier it is to ask the advertiser for a pay bump.

Pay bump= more $$$