Why Online Shopping is Best During the Holidays

Pre-Covid19, online shopping was big, but now that we’re in the pandemic, online shopping is massive! Did you know in 2020 Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of all time? This year we’re seeing new increases in all online shopping no matter the time of year, but its specifically raging during the holidays. Black Friday, Cyber Monday- sales are increasing.

The sheer demand for holiday shopping is one of the most strategic times to launch a new digital campaign. However, competition between brands also makes it necessary to have a solid strategy.

4 Marketing Tips for Holiday Season

1. Make a Plan

It’s halfway through December, but that doesn’t mean holiday shopping is over. Believe it or not, online shopping will go past the holiday season. A lot of customers are last-minute shoppers and don’t mind gifts arriving late. Use this to your advantage and keep marketing all through December.

In your plan, create goals, objectives, and timelines. All of these tools will help you stay focused and on track with what you’re looking to accomplish. Next, identify 3 effective strategies and put all your time into completing those.

2. Paid Campaigns

This is the time to spend a little money. We understand the goal is to make money, not spend money, but with online shopping at such high demand, there is a ton of competition that comes along with that. It’s time to spend some money on paid campaigns in order to gain awareness.

3. Holiday Savings

Create a campaign where you include “Holiday Savings.” Buyers are more inclined to purchase when they believe they are getting a “sale” or “good deal.” We’re targeting bargain shoppers with this strategy. Product bundles and holiday savings are key components. Do not forget this in your holiday marketing.

4. Email Campaigns

Many of you like to shy away from email campaigns… DON’T. Email campaigns are EXTREMELY important during the holidays. Buyers use email campaigns to get ideas on gifts. You need to be targeting your specific niches carefully. Not doing an email campaign is not an option. This type of marketing is crucial during the holiday season time.

Bonus Tip

Retarget Ads. Once the holidays are over, target the people who visited your ads but didn’t make a purchase. Use this strategy to gain more customers. This is an extremely cost-effective marketing tool and a great way to stay on top of your potential customers.