What is a Landing Page and Why Use One?

As you begin your journey in affiliate marketing, there will be plenty of new terms you haven’t heard of thrown your way. A common question is what is a landing page, and how does it work in my digital marketing strategy?

Man working on computer working on landing page design

Landing Page

A landing page is a web location where a viewer “lands” after clicking on an ad or image. It’s usually a standalone page, different than your homepage or any other page. Its purpose is to focus the user on a single idea. A landing page is essentially a piece of information, deal, special offer, call to action in return for the user providing contact information.

These types of pages can be click-through leading to another page or lead generation. A good landing page will give a possible customer its worthwhile providing personal information.

Homepage vs. Landing Page

Why use a landing page when the ultimate goal is to get users to the homepage? The answer is simple: bringing traffic to the homepage is the goal; conversion is less likely to happen on a homepage than on a landing page. Homepages are filled with information and allow users to scroll through different locations. They could turn the visitor away if they have to search various locations for what they were initially looking for. BUT if you use a landing page, you skip the step of users browsing and send the user to exactly where they are looking by qualifying them with a landing page. Landing pages eliminate a step and the user to where they want. WAY easier to make a conversion with fewer options and less confusion.

How to make a landing page

Here are a few of our userfriendly recommendations:

  •       Caard: free trendy templates and easy to use
  •       Webflow: a place you can design not only landing pages but also websites without having to use coding
  •       Hubspot: multiple software products offered, including marketing, sales, and landing page builder


A landing page is critical to driving traffic, improving SEO, and building your brand. To be successful in this type of marketing strategy, your landing pages need to be easy to read, to the point, and customer search specific. If you’re having trouble coming up with landing page ideas, reach out to your affiliate manager at Revolution Force. They are eager to help and filled with a