7 Tips to Write a Catchy Email Subject Line

We don’t know about you, but the first appearance is everything. If our eye isn’t being dazzled, then we’re moving on. This goes for everything in life. If attention is not caught, you’ve already lost.

No matter what people tell you, your subject lines will be judged. That’s why it’s important to create eye-catching subject lines for an email. You’ll want something compelling enough to not just be sent straight to the trash pile.

Do you want your email opened? Then you better start with a catchy subject line. If you don’t know how to do this- then this post is for you.

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

However, you want to start your subject line; certain factors need to be included, such as urgency, curiosity, and relevance.


Creating a set time for someone to take action is crucial. It gets the client interested and establishes a set of urgency to open the email. Be careful not to do this on every email you send to your emailers, as it will become spammy. 


Let’s generate some mystery here, people. This is your chance to pique your reader’s interest. Give them just enough information to have forced them to have to open to read on. Hook em in!


What do we mean by relevance? Let’s say it’s Monday, and there is Monday night football about to be taking place. A good relevant product to push during Monday is discounts on beer or food. It’s relevant to the time of a particular event. 

Don’t Forget…

Keep Them Small

The last thing you want to do is flood a subject line with a ton of words. The reader will be overwhelmed, and the email will be overlooked. Not to mention if they’re long and someone is looking at an email on their phone, well folks, that subject line is getting cut and half. You’ll confuse your reader then- 50 characters or less is the key to success. 


Who doesn’t like to see their name? Catering an email not only gets their attention, but it also makes them want to open it up. They know it’s not some generic email being sent out when there is personalization involved.

No Fake Promises

Never. Ever. Make. Fake. Promises. I repeat- NEVER EVER MAKE FAKE PROMISES. A sure way to be put in the do not send list is to not follow through with your word. Whatever you place in your subject line better be what is in your email content. 

Use Numbers

It’s weird, we know, but readers love numbers. They’re eye-catching and more believable when a reader sees a number. So don’t question the logic; just do it. 

And there you have it… 7 tips for writing a catchy email subject line.