It’s Time to Start Using Micro-Influencers

Forget about the mega and macro-social media influencers- they were so last year. This year it’s all about the micro-influencers. Back in the day, the mega- influencers, also known as celebrities, were the way to go for marketing. These influencers have a huge following and can market a product quickly; however, they’re ridiculously expensive. Next came the macro-influencers: the B list celebrities or the online gurus who have cracked the code to gain followers and usually have anywhere between 40,000 to 1 million followers. They were a little less expensive to use for influencing products and services but still cost a pretty penny. Today is the day for the micro-influencers. Micro-influencers typically have less than 25,000 followers and operate in specific niches only, which is what you want for affiliate marketing. Time to target those niches!

Influencer marketing 

At a fundamental level, influencer marketing is a type of marketing used on social media to recommend advertisers’ products or services. They have a loyal following on social media and are viewed as experts in their specific niche.

Why Micro-influencers 

First and foremost, they’re extremely engaged with their followers. The smaller the followers, the more time and energy they will spend responding to messages and disusing products and services. This is key for advertisers who want to showcase new merchandise quickly.

People tend to trust “regular people” rather than celebrities. Celebrities receive the stigma of being paid enough money to advertise any product without actually believing in the product. However, followers to micro-influencers value the opinion of their influencers. They have built trust and some sort of relationship with this type of influencer. Marketing does better with this type of influencer.

Jump on it

It’s time to take advantage of micro-influencers before your competitors do, and here is how to:

– Find out who the micro-influencers are within your niche. You can do this by an analytics tool such as Google Analytics or by conducting your own research.

– It’s time to connect. Once you’ve established a strong micro-influencer, it’s time to connect with them.

– Set a budget for your marketing campaign.

– Choose relevant content writing and hashtags for your influencer to use.  


Ultimately, micro-influencers are the new thing for niche marketing. They’ll work harder and cost less. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hit a larger audience by using these influencers.