Why We Use Banner Ads

Emails, social media, cold calling, content writing, banner ads, the list could go on forever in the present age of marketing. Deciding which marketing technique can take a long time, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break apart one today… banner ads.

Banner ads, also known as display ads, are best explained as digital advertisements or digital billboards. It uses digital design and/or imagery to attract an audience’s attention to drive traffic to an advertiser.

Why are banner ads so popular?

First and foremost, they’re cost-friendly and a way for advertisers to display products and services online across multiple websites. These also create lead generation, the ability to retarget an audience, and brand awareness-“In fact, in 2019’s first quarter, revenue from digital ads reached a landmark high of over $28.4 billion,” states Hubspot.

  1. Lead Generation- It’s a great way to get more users to signup for your particular product/service—time to build your user base.
  2. Audience Retarget- If a user came to a website without making a purchase or signing up, a banner ad can be used to retarget that user. 
  3. Brand Awareness- People who see banner ads are able to recognize an advertiser’s product or service. A prime example of a popular brand that uses banner ads is Spotify. Those ads in between songs are banner ads.

Banner ads are commonly used for high-traffic websites that offer relevant content. 

One advantage to banner advertising is the ability to measure its effectiveness easily. It’s easy to track the click-through rate with the banners. You can track which visual advertisement works better than another because we all know we should be A/B testing our marketing materials.  


Using banners for advertising can be a real game-changer for your business if you’re optimizing. Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Times magazine all use banner ads. It’s how they attract a new audience. Don’t miss out on a top-producing technique in marketing.