Revolution Force’s Top Offer Picks During COVID-19

What a time to be alive- the world is experiencing a global pandemic, and the majority of the working population has been shut down or asked to stay at home. This has put a strain on the economy and many are searching for answers on how to move forward during COVID-19.

While the rest of the workforce looks for answers, you as an affiliate marketer, have that piece of the puzzle figured out. You’ve been working from home for years, and this is nothing new for you.

So how will COVID-19 affect your work? By the offers you choose to run during this pandemic. With businesses closing and people participating in the #stayathome movement, society feels the most alone they ever have. Humans are meant to interact with others, and when they can’t, they’ll seek comfort in other ways, or which leads me to my point on which offers to run: Dating offers. If they’re not seeking comfort in others, they’re working on their mental health by keeping a healthy lifestyle, which is why Nutra offers our second pick.

Dating Offers

Dating offers are essential right now. People are craving social interaction within their isolation. They’re feeling alone, trapped, and just looking for a connection, which is where you affiliate marketers need to step in. You need to give the people what they want, a place for them to find a connection online.  So long are the days where people can meet people in public and welcome to the days where social interaction is through messaging online. We recommend dating offers as our top choice during this time of isolation.


A close second recommendation would be NUTRA. With the stay at home orders in place, people are looking for ways to stay healthy. Sales in diet, skin, and nutrition supplements have skyrocketed through the pandemic, and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to excel in this vertical. People are focused on their health while being cooped up indoors and NUTRA offers allow them to consume healthy products.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone, but as an affiliate marketer, it does not have to alter your work. Reach out to your affiliate manager to get our top dating and NUTRA offer recommendations.