Check Out Verticals Covered at Revolution Force

What is a vertical?  

No, the answer is not the opposite of horizontal. Although that is correct, it’s not what we’re discussing here. A vertical in the realm of affiliate marketing is the broad area you work in when promoting offers. For example, a vertical could be ADULT, MAINSTREAM, NUTRA, FINANCE, HEALTH, GAMES, INSURANCE – well you get the idea.

What We Cover

Revolution Force offers affiliates the ability to run in the verticals ADULT, MAINSTREAM, NUTRA, and ADULT GAMES.


There are verticals that will come in and go, but one that is for sure to stay is dating. Dating can be divided into two parts: Adult and Mainstream. Adult dating or better known as “casual dating” is used specifically for one thing, casual sex. It should come to no surprise as to why this vertical continues to perform year after year.


The next part of dating is mainstream dating. These types of offers are for the people looking for a more serious relationship; you know the ones trying to find their partner in this crazy thing called life. Mainstream dating will always stay relevant because we live in a world where people are constantly searching for love.


Nutra is a broad umbrella term used in affiliate marketing to describe products and/or supplements used for extra health benefits. Nutra can cover a spectrum of offers usually featuring some type of pill. Examples: vitamins, diet, testosterone boosters, etc.  

Revolution Force offers diet pills, testosterone boosters, and male enhancement.  

An image of a man and woman showing Keto diet pills.

Adult Games

The final piece of the puzzle at Revolution Force is Adult Games. What exactly are adult games? Exactly how they sound- adult. They are sexual in nature and made for people 18 and older. It’s the perfect combination for people who enjoy playing video games, but also enjoy sexually explicit content.


Whichever vertical you run in make sure to discuss with your Affiliate Manager (AM) at Revolution Force before choosing offers. They will be able to guide you with which ones are outperforming others. If your new to testing a vertical, then your AM can help direct you on offers for your specific traffic type.