Why We Choose Dating Offers

In the world of affiliate marketing, we’ve all become accustomed to the multitude of offer choices out there. Every day we are personally showcased offers in our emails, displayed banners on our webpages and texted offers through our mobile devices. But when you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry how does one choose which vertical to cover?

Do you begin testing with Nutra or Gambling? What about Gaming or Finance? Dating? How do we choose which vertical is the best when there are so many options out there?

Choose Dating

Let’s begin with some facts:

  • The world is made up of roughly 7.53 billion people
  • 3.2 billion people have access to the internet
  • In the United States alone 45 percent of Americans aged 18 and up are single

So, what do these facts mean?

  1. We have a lot of people in this world.
  2. Almost half of these people have internet access, which is great for the affiliate marketing industry considering our marketing is all on the internet.
  3. Close to half of the U.S is single, which gives affiliates a high opportunity to push dating offers to those single people out there. (Not to mention this stat is from only one country. Imagine the possibilities of targeting the other over populous countries.)

Now you’ve decided to run dating. The next question you have is- Do I run casual or mainstream dating?

The easy answer: It all depends on the audience you’re trying to target.

Casual Dating= hookup

Mainstream dating= dating

Casual Dating offers are generally used for people looking to find a quick hookup. It is one of the most popular verticals to promote on adult websites.

*Pornhub did a study in 2017 which revealed they had 81 million daily visits to their site. That’s a big audience to capture with dating offers on just one adult site.*

Alternatively, mainstream dating is for the more serious daters out there. These people are looking for a real long-term relationship.

*Mainstream dating converts strong for the people with email traffic, social and native traffic.*

Both dating verticals offer different niches to target as well. There are sites for fetishes, or there are sites for tall people, small people, dog lovers- well you get the idea.


As you can see whichever direction you decide to run in the dating sphere has its benefits. Do you want to target the adult world? Or do you want to keep it a little more vanilla and target the hopeful romantics looking for a relationship?

Whichever direction you decide to go in dating your affiliate manager is there to help you. That’s why choosing the correct network to work with is so important. A good affiliate manager is there to guide you through this process and hand out helpful information.


By: Lauren Van Sloten