Affiliate Management at Revolution Force

Revolution Force made its way all the way to Russia and attended the 2019 Moscow Affiliate Conference(MAC2019).

“Beautiful.”  “Epic.” And “Stoked!” are a few words used to describe the conference. But if you asked Jeremy Wagshul, Vice President of Business Development, what he thought you’d hear something more along these lines:

“Show me the money! Well…more like show me the offers! This show was cut from a different cloth! You could tell, everyone was there to take advantage of the opportunity and identify new ways to grow their businesses! Excited for 2020!”

His final thought, “The landscape is changing, and I’m into it.

Now the team is back, and it’s time to work even harder than before.

First thing on the agenda, make sure our new affiliates and current affiliates know the importance of working with their affiliate manager(AM).

What is an Affiliate Manager?

In the general sense, an affiliate manager is someone who recruits, manages and grows affiliates during their journey with online marketing. But at Revolution Force(RF) an affiliate manager is much more. The culture at Revolution Force has always been friends first business second. Working with an affiliate manager at RF is like working with a friend. AM’s are here to advise and help navigate you through all the detours online marketing may take you through. We all work as a team in the hope of creating long-lasting partnerships.

As you read along, you will find what it’s like to work with your affiliate manager at RF and why it’s important.


First, speak with your AM’s regularly. Get to know them. They are filled with endless information regarding the offers you are promoting and want to share this information. Speaking with them consistently allows you to be the first to know about new features, creatives, offers and/or any big news happening within our network. Knowledge is POWER.

Revolution Force is an international company which means time zones are never an issue. They are here for you whenever you need them.

Get Creative

Revolution Force is an EXCLUSIVE network, which means we get direct exclusives designed specifically for us. A big perk to speaking with your AM is the opportunity to get your own custom creative(s) or exclusive(s) built.

Private Offers

We all want to test those premium offers, but an AM won’t give access to those offers until they know who you are and the traffic you produce. Talk to them. Tell them what you need, what isn’t working for you and let them come up with a game plan on how to grow your traffic. They want you to be able to test those premium offers just as much as you want to test them.

Tips and Tricks

Your AM’s goal is always to make you the most profit. You succeed they succeed. Remember they are your business partner. They live in your data just as much as you live in your data. When they are giving you tips, it’s because they have the inside scoop and have access to all the live data within the network. They know which things are performing and which aren’t, so let them guide you.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Do I need to say optimize again? Or was 3 times enough? Your affiliate manager lives in your data using advanced tracking tools to optimize your campaigns. They get to be your second pair of eyes on the things you may have missed. Take advantage of using your AM to optimize for you.

In addition to using advanced tracking, your AM can give you valuable feedback regarding your campaigns. They will check the quality of your traffic and start making changes that will bring additional profit to you.


Another perk to speaking with your AM is the motivation they will give you. We’ve all had those bad days when things seem to keep going wrong. Your affiliate manager can be your extra source to uplift those spirits and encourage you to keep going. You are a team, partners and ultimately friends. Your AM will always be in your corner cheering you on.


Drop your AM a friendly hello every once in a while. Send them a picture of something you enjoy doing/eating/traveling to- well you get the point. Don’t be surprised if they drop you a photo back!

How Do I Get My Own Affiliate Manager?

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Published By: Lauren Van Sloten