Meet Sean Christian: Revolution Force Founder

Sean Christian:Revolution Force Founder
Sean Christian Founder of Revolution Force

As I take a seat on the couch in our office “family living room,” Sean Christian my boss and founder of Revolution Force, is already sitting, patiently waiting for me. I know he has a million things to do, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the calm expression he holds on his face.

He’s wearing his standard outfit. An outfit I’ve become accustomed to seeing: all black Vans shoes, blue jeans, black t-shirt, and his favorite black A’s baseball cap. It fits the vibe at our office perfectly. He’s built an environment where casual and comfort come first. Dress as you please.

As I pull out my notepad we begin to talk. Sean makes it easy to interview him because it feels like any other conversation we’ve had… comfortable.

How did you first get into this industry?

I thought working in the internet would be a boring job.”

Hmmm, not a typical response for someone who is the founder of a tech-based company, but now I’m intrigued. He continues with his story. “Before I broke out into the affiliate marketing world, I was manufacturing jewelry in Santa Cruz, California (CA). A buddy of mine was doing some work in SEO and free sites in the adult world and offered me an opportunity to work with him.” Sean declined that offer. He thought it would be “boring” to work within the internet industry. It wasn’t until two years later would Sean finally accept the offer and take his first step into the world of “adult” internet.

So, how long would you say you’ve been in this industry?

From 2000 until now.” After taking his first steps into the world of “adult” internet, Sean has had a busy and wild ride. He worked at where he built an affiliate program that later became an industry model. This led to the merger in 2006 between and Adult Friend Finder.

After the merger, Sean took on a new role at Friend Finder where he built a Business Development team. One thing led to another and he’s promoted to a Vice President position. In 2013 Sean leaves Friend Finder to become an executive at Noosphere, where he has the opportunity to work on development inside of Together Networks, UpForIt Networks, and ClickDealer.

Then in 2015 it happens…Revolution Force is born.

What is Revolution Force?

In the general sense, it’s a performance-based affiliate network. But as a company it’s much more. “I believe a business can be filled with friendship, fueled by creativity and innovation, and celebrated by daily appreciation for the life we get to share together.”

How did you choose the name?

I feel that marketing companies make the mistake of coming up with a unique way of spelling something or trying to create a new term or word to brand their company. I prefer two English words that are easy to say and spell. Revolution Force sounded fun and a little rebellious.”

What made you choose this current location?

It was an easy decision. “This is my hometown.” But that isn’t the only reason he chose this place as his headquarters. I should have known better. I should have known he’d have more reason than choosing this place based on it being his hometown. He proceeds to tell me how Sacramento is suggested to be the future Silicon Valley, CA. That new technology and tech companies are popping up in Sacramento at a fraction of the cost. It was the best time to move in and take shop.

What is unique about your business?

Since we were affiliates before and have sent traffic we understand the difficulties of affiliate marketing. As advertisers, we understand how hard it is to make a funnel. We’re able to relate to both sides.”

If you had one piece of advice to give someone starting out what would it be?

Nothing comes easy. Don’t take a shortcut at someone else’s expense.” As his words leave his mouth, I can’t help but smile. It makes sense why he’s been able to keep all these lasting business friendships/partnerships for so many years.

What is one hobby of yours?

Building hand-made bicycles.” This explains why there are so many bikes in the office.

Sean Christian’s favorite copper bike

What is your own personal motto?

Remain teachable.”

As we wind down and prepare to get back to work, I ask Sean if there is anything else he’d like to share with me about Revolution Force? His words close this meeting beautifully. “Each day I wake up when I want to. I wear what I want to. I choose to go to an office based on a philosophy I believe in, and I surround myself with the people I choose to, people who I believe in.”

Sean doesn’t know this, but before heading back to work I sneak into the next room to speak with one of my fellow coworkers on what it’s been like to work with Sean for the last few years.

“Working with Sean has given me a better understanding of not only affiliate marketing, but of myself as well. He has a unique gift of being able to push you to discover your own limits and from there how to transcend them. He does all of his leading by example, but you really have to pay close attention to him in order to understand what he is trying to teach you,” said Tyler Clements one of our Business Development Managers.

By: Lauren Van Sloten