Rules of Engagement

In order to successfully promote an offer your first step is always to engage your audience. There are many methods that can be used to engage an audience. Different methods can be used across different marketing channels. 

So let’s talk about a few engagement methods. Engagement is always best achieved by knowing your audience. Understand the demographics you are marketing to, and utilize the best channels for that target audience. 

Below are a few engagement methods to consider while structuring your marketing: 

Story Telling: 

This technique can perform well in blogs, videos, and sites. Start your presentation off with a story and maintain the narrative thread throughout. Use the story to show your audience that you understand the needs and wants they have from the product. Keep the story short, powerful, and memorable, and always end on a positive note. This will encourage the potential customer to want to take action. 


We have all seen social media contests for both digital and physical products. Running a contest with a chance to win an item or a lifetime membership can encourage potential customers to give your product a try. Once the initial engagement has occurred you are more likely to proceed with a lead that becomes a full customer or will at least try a trial of your product. 

Interaction Paths: 

Interaction paths means taking your customer through a journey. This can be used in a form format. Let them make choices on questionnaires on what they are specifically looking for and guide them to the best offer/product for them. 

Videos, Videos, Videos: 

With the average scroll rate increasing, you have only a few seconds to catch the eye of a potential customer. The quickest way to do this is with an attention-catching video. Get their attention and make the video encourage them to click to see/learn more. An effective method is making videos that tells half a quick story and the customer has to click to get the rest.