3 Ways to Find an Affiliate Program for your Niche

Ten years ago, if you were to ask someone what an affiliate was, they’d likely give you a blank stare. These days everyone and their moms have some type of an idea of what an affiliate is. All you have to do is go to any big business page, and there will be an affiliate link section. But that’s beside the point. The point is, finding the right program for your specific niche can be challenging, which is why we’ve developed 3 basic ways to find the best affiliate program for you.

1. Google Search

Oh, good ol’ Google-the search engine that has it all. Put simply, type in “affiliate marketing program + your niche” and voilĂ  programs will be listed. You can look for specific products, merchants, affiliate programs, or companies you want to partner with. Scroll through the pages and jot down which ones best fit your niche. There are tons, but make sure you don’t choose local affiliate programs if you’re trying to market nationwide. Pay attention to the wording. Some companies won’t use an affiliate program as the name; for example, Amazon uses the words “associates programs” for their affiliate program. They’re the same thing.

2. Affiliate Lists

Affiliate lists to affiliate programs are great ways to find new programs. Affiliate managers will use these lists to gain visibility into their programs and their niche’s best affiliate programs. An example of this type of directory is AffPaying

3. Compete Against Your Competitors

Sounds counterproductive, right? But it’s not. You can use your competitor to write an in-depth review comparing the two products. This will allow the reader to compare both products, but resulting in your favor as you’re writing the review. It’s a win/win.

We hope these tips help in finding the correct affiliate program for you and your niche. Remember to look through our blog for more tips and tricks in affiliate marketing.