How to Work with Your Affiliate Manager

Sending offers, responding to Skype messages, and tracking epc’s are a few responsibilities affiliate managers do on a daily. And let’s not forget about advising publishers on strong traffic sources. But what if I told you they could be doing even more for you? Affiliate managers can go the extra mile for you if you communicate.

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What is an affiliate manager?

“In the general sense, an affiliate manager is someone who recruits, manages and grows affiliates during their journey with online marketing.” They address issues, focus on strategy for their publishers, and search for new business opportunities. They are your go-to partner in crime to generate as much money as possible for you, but they can only do that if you’re open and honest with them. How do you do this, you ask? By following these simple steps listed below:


You may talk to your affiliate manager(AM) regularly, but they’re not all-knowing. They can’t read your mind and know what’s working for you and what your goals are. Tell them if you’re satisfied with the traffic you’re getting and provide as much information to them about what you want.

Ask for help

A simple what do I do, or how do I do this, can go a long way—the more detailed the question, the better the outcome. For example, instead of asking for the top offers this month, try asking the best advertisers to run with my traffic sources. Your AM should know your data just as well as you do, thus resulting in the best recommendations.

Test your AM’s advice

It’s up to you to test their advice. Remember, A/B testing is a must, so if you don’t feel comfortable putting all your eggs in one basket and following your AM’s recommendations to a T, well, that’s no problem. You shouldn’t be doing that anyway. You need to be A/B testing. Take your AM’s advice and your own personal knowledge and test them against one another. Your AM is there to help you strategize.


Finally, the dreaded F word-FRAUD. You need to know what fraud is and how to avoid it. How do publishers or advertisers deceive their counterparts? If you’re having trouble tracking your suspicious publishers, then ask your AM to do a secret check.


Account management is all about personal relations. The more your affiliate manager can know about your business goals and how your campaigns work, the better the outcome for you both. It’s a team effort that you both can work on together.