How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform

Blog: an informational website or discussion issued on the web consisting of formal, informal, educational, diary-style posts( written content).

Whether you want to become a blogger for a top news publication, share your personal thoughts for fun, or make a living, it all starts with a blogging platform. Choosing the platform all depends on the type of information you’d like to put on the web and the audience you’d like to attract. If you’re just starting out and haven’t the slightest idea on which platform to choose, then you may want to continue to read this post. We at Revolution Force are here to break it down to the basics.

Choosing the Best Blogging Platform

The first thing you need to ask yourself, are you blogging to make money or are you blogging for fun to share some personal experiences or thoughts?

If you chose to for fun, then a free blogging platform like Blogger is a great choice.

BUT, if you’re looking at blogging as a way to make some cash $$$ then you’re going to want to choose a paid platform. We recommend this because most free blogging websites do not allow you to monetize your blog posts.

The Differences in Blogging Platforms 


Free options are notable for people who want to blog as a hobby. They come with already designed templates, and they’re very user friendly. Quick and easy to use is the name of this game.

The con to free platforms is they’re hard to make money off. Free platforms do not allow ad marketing or selling products over the platform.

Use this type of platform if you’re looking at a fun way to get creative with writing.


There are two types of blogging platforms to pay for Open-Source or Website Builder.


A platform that allows modifications and enhancements through source code. They are free to download and install with an utterly customizable form from the inside out. This is recommended for bloggers and business owners interested in building a custom website. We will admit that this platform’s learning is a bit difficult, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are tremendous for your website.  

Open-Source blogging platforms are free to download and install. They’re completely customizable from the inside out, making them perfect for serious bloggers and business owners interested in building a full-fledged custom website.

However, there’s a steeper learning curve.

Website Builder

These types of blogs allow for your own construction of your website blog without having to manual code. They’re easy to set-up and include plenty of blogging tools. We encourage this option for people who want to earn an income from blogging without paying someone to build a custom website. Instead, you get to customize your blog yourself.


To moral of this article is to figure out the type of blogging you want to do, whether it’s to make money or not, and base your platform on that decision. If you’re looking for a hobby, choose the free option, but if you’re looking to make those dollars, then you’re going to need to upgrade to a paid platform of website builder or Open-Source