Up Close and Personal with Jeremy Wagshul: Vice President in Business Development

It’s hot out today, but I like it. There is something soothing about sitting outside and feeling the summer sun on my skin. I was delighted when Jeremy Wagshul (Revolution Force’s Vice President of Business Development) asked to meet for lunch at Cookies Drive- In for his interview. I knew we’d be able to sit outside then. As I wait for Jeremy to arrive, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be bringing his furry friend with him. I sure hope he does.

After a few more minutes alone, I finally see Jeremy pull into the restaurant driveway. I try and look into the car to see if his friend is with him, but can’t get a good look through the windows. Instead, I wait in anticipation. The car door opens, and he steps out. Does he have him? I still can’t see if he does. And then he opens the second car door. A surge of excitement rushes through me as I see Zeus a.k.a Doc. Z hop out of the car. I should have known he would bring Zeus with him as he typically goes everywhere with Jeremy.

Image of Jeremy Wagshul in the snow with his dog Zeus
Jeremy Wagshul and his rescue husky Zeus

It’s been a little while since Zeus and I have seen one another, and the second we make eye contact, it’s game on. It’s a race to see who can get to each other quickest. I am immediately embraced with puppy kisses and a wagging tail… and I couldn’t be happier.

After the excitement wears off, Jeremy and I order our food and take a seat. It’s easy between us. Talking with him feels like talking with an old friend, which makes interviewing him effortless.  

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Bay Area, situated between San Francisco and San Jose. It’s called Redwood Shores.

What did you do there?

The “shores” was just like any other suburban neighborhood. I grew up hanging with my friends, riding bikes, playing sports, you know doing kid things.

Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path to what you’re doing today? If so, tell me about them.

Growing up I thought I wanted to be a baseball player, but in all honesty, I never really knew what type of field I’d end up in.

“How do you know if the work you do is part of your destiny? I feel time is the only indicator of that.”

I do remember a few years back bringing my mom to a play in San Francisco, we had a great dinner, and discussed life and career choices. She’s a schoolteacher and extremely passionate about her work, something I respect and strive to reach. The conversation made me wonder, “maybe I was designed to do this type of work, or perhaps my journey is still evolving.”

So, no baseball career. How did you end up in affiliate marketing?

The party started in 2012 when I was working at Pasta Pomodoro with my older brother Bryce. Bryce had recently graduated from college and was interviewing for different positions. Long story short he landed a job at Adult Friend Finder (AFF) as a Junior Affiliate Manager working for Sean Christian.

During this time, I was living with Bryce and we were spending a lot of time together. He talked to me about his work at AFF and I found it fascinating. It’s something I thought I could see myself doing.

Next thing you know, I’m researching and learning as much as I can about the industry and how affiliate marketing works. I quickly began running my own traffic, made some extra cash, and was finally given the opportunity to work with Sean.

Working with Sean at Revolution Force?

No, not yet. First, I was working as a private contractor under Sean Christian’s team at ClickDealer in Palo Alto, CA. After a few months of working there, he offered me an opportunity to move to Sacramento and work at Revolution Force. That was June 2015 and I have never looked back.

What’s your first memory of Revolution Force?

The first day we set up our office. I remember it like it was yesterday, getting our computers, keys to the shop. Setting up my workstation, building the desks and furniture throughout the office. I have so many photos to reminisce on from that year.

A picture of  Revolution Force office under construction with his dog.

Also, the July 4th kickoff at the local baseball game to signify the launch of the company was memorable as well. I look forward to that every year.

What operating philosophy has your working life been built on?

I’m known around the office for having a few mantras. One specific motto rings the loudest bell.

“Repetition is the father of learning to me and the answer to almost everything.”

If you do something multiple times, you’re more than likely to develop the skills needed to complete the task and/or challenge.

Another is “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”  

Planning every stage out in advance, then practicing working out the kinks, will more than likely lead you to a close to flawless execution.

What are your core values?


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

“Be a good listener. Hear out what others have to say and don’t feel like you need to be the smartest guy in the room.” Process the information and weigh out the options in front of you. Don’t spend that time planning out your response because your views weren’t consistent.

Also, surround yourself with smart, motivated people. Work hard and stay focused; everything is possible if you’re determined to make it happen.

What’s next for you in your work?  What are you looking forward to?

The past few years have changed my idea of work. It’s become more of a lifestyle rather than a “job.”

“I want my words to mean something.”

I look forward to being known and recognized in the industry, acquire credibility, and continue to evolve in my career.

An image of Jeremy Wagshul behind graffiti.

Now, we’re going to stray away from the current topic -What is one hobby of yours?

It might sound weird, but I really enjoy cooking. I’m very particular about the food I eat, so I prefer cooking it myself. I also enjoy cooking for my family and friends. BBQ food is my favorite, but I can also throw down a mean breakfast.

I giggle out loud as I hear him speak with such pride about his “mean breakfast.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone refer to breakfast food in that manner, so it’s quite entertaining to me.

What is your personal motto?

“Quality over quantity. “

I try to apply this to my everyday lifestyle. Having the best or perceived best of something is important to me, rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions.

Wrapping things up

Before we part ways, Jeremy checks in with me and makes sure I’m doing well in the office. What you readers don’t know is that Jeremy is the one who trained me in my current role. He taught me what affiliate marketing is and welcomed me into the online marketing industry. It was a privilege to interview Jeremy and hear his back story.

Based on my personal opinion- what is it like to work with Jeremy?

He’s one of the hardest worker’s I know. I am not sure he even sleeps. He’ll put in long hours in and outside of the office because he is passionate about his job and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed.

By: Lauren Van Sloten