Do you have the skills to be an Affiliate Marketer? (Part 2)

In this continuing blog, we will take a look at the more technical skills that every successful marketer should master. In part one, we reviewed a few basic skills. These included finding compatible affiliate programs, writing skills, time management, and marketing skills. 

Of course, the first item on our list is going to be technical skills! 

  1. Technical Skills:

Any beginner marketer should have a basic knowledge of the technical aspects of affiliate marketing. These skills can include setting up tracking links, monitoring conversions, and optimizing landing pages for conversions. More advanced marketers have a variety of technical skills that include: web design, database management, animation, data visualization, interactive media management and usability testing. In future blogs, we will go in-depth into the value of each advanced skill. 

  1. Analytical ability:

Understanding a variety of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, is needed to track key performance metrics. Key performance metrics include stats such as traffic volume, click-through rates, and conversions. These are key metrics for any affiliate marketer. A beginner should be able to analyze basic data to make informed decisions. This will guide them to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Advanced analytical abilities include customer preference statistics, global and niche market trends, and key business processes, as well as competitive analysis. 

  1. Networking and negotiation skills:

Though networking skills may not seem like a technical skill, it very much is and is important in affiliate marketing. Networking skills require a full understanding of your goals, stats, and abilities. Being able to intelligently communicate your company, goals, and skills helps build relationships with other marketers, potential merchants, and digital industry influencers. Effective networking can go a long way to helping you find new opportunities to grow your business.

In future blogs, we will cover more in-depth the niche skills that set the most successful marketers apart!