The Casual Dating Generation

Casual dating in the new generation has fueled the popularity of online dating sites and apps in the last few years. With more dating sites, platforms, and ads on the internet 53.3 million Americans are expected to use internet dating services in 2024, up from 44.2 million users in 2020. Many of those dating users are projected to be focused on casual dating. This shows that the dating industry will continue to grow strong. 

Newer generations view casual dating platforms as offering a bigger pool of options for fun-based encounters with an understanding there is no expectation of a long-term relationship. This pool continues to increase as the digital nomad and work-from-home lifestyles become more and more prevalent. 

As new members join more and more casual dating sites, this offers an excellent opportunity for internet marketers and dating affiliates. Every dating site/app is about the members, pretty much all of them have affiliate programs and gladly accept new users which creates an excellent opportunity for affiliates to make money. 

Most dating sites or apps have a similar user conversion flow plan: get a visitor to register, encourage them to create a profile, and have them become paying members.

The benefit of a CPA network in this conversion flow plan is that CPA networks pay an affiliate for completed actions on their referral performs. These actions could be: signing up or, the user staying on a particular page for a specified amount of time. CPA networks allow you to become an affiliate. Working with hundreds of affiliate marketers who have thousands of potential customers, this is why some of the highest paying networks in the dating affiliate niche use the CPA commission structure. 

The new generation of online dating is transforming the definition of relationships, and this is a great opportunity for dedicated and skilled marketers to make great money!