How to Make a Social Media Calendar Work 

We all know we need consistency to be successful in marketing. But what if you’re someone who struggles with consistency? 

What if you have so many great ideas that you just don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’re the opposite and start your big idea but don’t follow through.

That’s where social media calendars come into play.

Social Media Calendar

Social media calendars give you a set schedule and overview of upcoming media posts. This is essential when creating a strategic marketing campaign. 

You can make a calendar as detailed or simple as you’d like. Here are two examples:


  • Platform- Facebook
  • Content
  • Date/time


Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

·      Content: Testimonial or “How to” YouTube video Date

·      Time

·      Topic

·      Title

·      Visual Content: What picture, graph, diagram to
be used

The main thing you need to remember when creating a calendar is to have a GOAL. 

             What are you trying to achieve when you market?

                                          Is it brand awareness?



Next, you’ll want to choose a platform(s). Again, depending on the demographics, you may want to use multiple platforms. For example, millennials use Instagram, Gen Z uses TikTok, but Gen X uses Facebook. 

             It’s important to know your audience. 


How often are you going to post? Once a week? 2x’s a week, 3? You get the idea. Remember, we said consistency is key.


What type of content will you post? Are you going to make a video? A picture with a caption? Maybe you’re better with your words and want to write a blog. Whatever you decide, you need to have a plan.

A/B Test

We cannot say this enough, A/B test. There need to be multiple time slots you test, multiple content options, and multiple images. So get creative, and if all else fails, you reach out to your trusty friends at Revolution Force for some advice.