5 Types of Blogs That Are Guaranteed to Get Viewed

Writing is easy but coming up with ideas to make people want to read your blog is the real challenge. On top of that, you’re supposed to come up with at least 2-to 6 posts a week to stay relevant. This is why we’ve come up with our top 5 types of blogs we know will get your posts viewed. Find out here:

1. Reviews

A study done by TrustPilot found that most people (close to 90%) read reviews before purchasing a product and/or service.

This means you could be writing a blog on “The best place to visit on a budget” or “The best blender.”

We understand there are blogs out there already showcasing these best places to visit or best blenders, but your job is to include even more relevant content so you can rate higher on Google. And don’t forget about your SEO.

Make sure to review your competitor’s blogs, the ones that are ranking high in the Google searches. Your job is to see how they did theirs and then make it better. How do you do this? By adding more detailed and relevant content and we’ll say it again..SEO.

2. FAQ

Ah, the infamous FAQ page. I don’t know about you, but anytime we have a question, our first place to look is Google, and our search is generally is asked in a question form. For example: “how do I make strawberry cheesecake?” Or “what is the best laptop for 2022?”

Having posts that answer popular questions is a sure way to get noticed by customers. All questions can be directed to your page, which in return gives you an opportunity to have new customers viewing your page.

3. Tutorial Videos

Get customers to understand your product or service by creating tutorial videos. Most people are visual learners, so make content that viewers can watch. You can also attach a blog post explaining the video you just created.

Generating a blog post will be an easy way for your viewers to reference what they just watched in your tutorial video.

4. Make Simple Steps

Make your viewers’ lives easier by breaking down complicated procedures into easy-to-read steps. Find something you’re knowledgeable about and write about it. You won’t believe how much attraction you’ll get to your page by doing something as effortless as this.

5. Myth Busters

In a world where anyone can post online, there is a lot of misinformation out there. That’s why making a post about common myths in your industry is a killer way to draw traffic to your website.


These are just a few of our top ideas for posting, but there are plenty more. If you ever need help, you know what to do- reach out to your trusty Revolution Force team.