Are you having trouble with Paid Ad Leads? We have answers.

A marketer types copy for his paid ad. Beside his laptop is a Rubik’s cube, notebook and coffee mug

Keeping the overhead low is the ultimate goal in any business, which is why marketers try to stay with organic search results only. However, as technology booms and companies turn to online-only, organic search is becoming competitive and complex. So now is the time time to cut into the budget and make room for paid ads.

But how do you get these paid ads to convert? If you’re spending the money, you’re going to want to see results, which is why we’ve put together ways to make your paid ads convert.

How to convert your paid ads:

1. Make sure your landing page is up-to-date and relevant.

The worst thing you can do is get a visitor to your page but quickly leave if the content is outdated or irrelevant. Instead, make sure you’re targeting the right audience and provide value to the viewers.

2. Ads to social media

Build forms into your ad. You do not want your viewer to be directed away from your page. Pull them in by using a discount code.

3. Direct viewers to your checkout page

If you’re using a paid ad for a service or product, then when the viewer clicks on the ad it should take them directly to the checkout line.

4. Send them to your blog

Finally, send your viewers to a blog. Did you know blogs are still the preferred way of reading content? It’s above newspapers, books, and emails.

You don’t need all of these tactics to be successful. What you need is to figure out your conversion goals, decide what you want the users to do (signup, buy, download, etc.), and then map out your method. It doesn’t hurt to a/b test between two tactics. We encourage that.

And just remember…. your team at Revolution Force is always here to help out as well.