Bonus Contest Starts in MAY

Revolution Force hosts 15% bonus contest

May is nearing its end, but we wanted to finish the month with a fresh opportunity for our affiliates to make some easy money. If you’re interested in running one of the most accessible verticals in the affiliate marketing industry, welcome to the Adult Dating Bonus Contest! 

We’ve chosen the best offer to run for this promotion, and it’s an auto-optimizer offer, so you won’t need to run multiple links for this contest. The offer is BestAdultDating SOI.

For anyone looking to add a massive chunk to their profits, there is only one rule to follow: reach the bonus threshold. You have 4 weeks to reach $10,000 to receive a bonus of 15% back- an extra $1500! There is no limit to how much you can make; you just need to hit the threshold. That means you need to make $2500 a week or around $357 a day.

These are the goals to aim for:

4 weeks for the Bonus Contesty

Hit $10k

Make an extra 15% 

Good luck!