The Perfect Call to Action

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve heard about the coronavirus . The sad reality is we’re still looking at some time before it begins to get better.

No one really knows when it will get better and businesses have begun to shut down because of this. These are trying times for many individuals, and we can only hope everyone pulls through this safely.

But as an affiliate marketer, you have the advantage of not being forced to close business and can work from home. 

So, while you’re following orders and staying safe in your home, we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of the importance of creating a quick call to action(CTA) for each of your campaigns.

Make sure your action is clear and understandable

If you want your visitors to “signup” or “register here” then say that. Tell them exactly what they need to do and where to do it. Do not get caught up in all the decorative designs that the user misses the CTA. The best call to action is the ones who utilize strong verbs.

For example:

Find your hookup now

Discover women here

Get laid

Personalize your call to actions

Personalized call to actions convert 202% better than others

There are multiple ways to tailor a CTA to an individual-location, new customer vs a lead, or browser language. You’ll want to determine the audience you’re targeting before you create your CTA’s. If you’re focusing on dating then you can generate a generic CTA for the leads and a more specific CTA for the returning visitors once you’ve seen the data on what they search on your site.


Lead: Get laid now

Visitor: Meet local Asians now

Don’t give too many choices

No one wants multiple choices back to back.

Join here- Watch live girls – Subscribe here

You’ll notice none of them will get clicked because there are too many choices and the visitor isn’t even sure which one to click at this point. Choose the path for your visitor and give them only one option. Once they get to your page you can give them more options.

Color matters

Generally speaking green and orange buttons tend to perform the best, but with that being said it’s still best to A/B test different colors. You want contrasting colors to be used.

You wouldn’t want to put a blue CTA button with a blue background. It’s easy to overlook the button then. If you’re still having trouble choosing colors then check out this cool infograph from Kiss Metrics going over the psychology of colors.

Large text

Do not let this button get lost in the rest of your text and design. It needs to be large enough to stand out, but small enough to not be obnoxious and out of place on the page. You’ll find that many users will have a strong distaste for annoying large text. Choose a button that draws attention to the CTA and that’s it.

Bottom line

You want them to see it, read it, and click it!