Let’s Learn from the Three Online Giants

You know the ones I’m talking about. The online emperors that every business strives to be like. Google, Amazon, and Facebook have taken over the online market, but we can learn a lot from them. These sites are worth billions, so it is profitable to us all to pay attention on how they grew.  

The beginning

Each built a product and then expanded around it. 

The three big companies grew from one single successful product and built it into something even more significant. 

Facebook began its journey by designing a place for students to connect from other schools. Now it holds 2.37 billion users worldwide. Amazon used to sell used books at a discount. Today it is a mastermind of e-commerce, logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media. Google was created to improve the way users searched for content but currently specializes in online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

All of these titans have one thing in common; they started with one idea for a specific niche, developed it, and grew it. Find something that covers a precise niche and brings a decent amount of traffic. Once you have the traffic, you can begin developing something else as a spinoff to the original project. Then you can see your traffic grow!

How does this work for affiliate marketing?

Easy. Choose a niche and get creative. For example, dating is a big vertical to cover, with a lot of competition. Why not hone in on a specific niche in dating, something not a lot of people are covering? Maybe you focus on only Asian dating or BBW? Targeting a particular niche gives you a better target audience, which can help grow an audience.   

Always stay one step ahead of the game

Affiliate marketing has become very popular within the last 10 years due to its flexibility and attractiveness of being your own boss. This makes it difficult to stand out among all the other competitors.

However, the strong will prevail. Be strong and prevail. It’s your job to think forward and move quicker than your competition. Test out new ideas regularly. Try different niches. And when you find one that works, jump on it. 

Think about Myspace. When Facebook first came around, it was in competition with Myspace. But look at Myspace now and look at Facebook. Facebook stayed ahead of its competitor by finding its niche and growing it.  

Once you find success…

You can’t slow down. Traffic will come and go, and if you don’t feed it, you won’t keep it. Remember Instant Messing? Yeah, me either. Because they quit feeding their audience, if you slow, your audience will move on, no matter how successful you first were. 

What to take away from the three giants:

Find a niche, build a product, and grow around the product. Do not slow down because you may be successful one day but can lose it another. The sky is the limit in the world of online and technology, and its your job as affiliate marketers to get creative and think outside the box!