What Happens When You Use Re-brokered Offers?

First, let’s go over what it means to be re-brokered. In a conventional scheme of affiliate marketing, there are three key players, the publisher(affiliate), the advertiser (owner of a product), and the affiliate network(the middle man).

Affiliate Marketing Scheme

An affiliate network serves as a guaranteed binding agent to publishers and advertisers who have clients on one side and products on the other side.

But in a re-brokered scheme there is an extra player- a new affiliate network.

Re-Brokering Affiliate Marketing Scheme

A re-brokered affiliate offer means the network does not have direct contact with an advertiser. Instead, it receives access to offers from another affiliate network and becomes a publisher.

What’s it like to work with re-brokered offers?

1. Dependence

You become dependent. Let’s say there are technical issues with the original network(A), then there will be technical issues with the other network(B).

Network B is dependent on network A to fix the technical issues, which makes offers unavailable until its fixed. 

2. Lower Rates

Running an offer from a third party= earning less per lead.  The highest earning potential comes from working directly with an advertiser. If you’re not working with an advertiser, then you risk receiving lower payouts to offers. 

3. Publisher

The re-broker becomes a publisher. At the end of the day, whoever re-sells the offer becomes a publisher. A network will have many sources running the offer, and if one re-brokered offer receives fraud, then the whole offer goes down. No discussions can be made with the advertiser regarding keeping the offer going- it’s an instant shutdown.

4. Shave

We all cringe when we hear this word “shave.” It’s hard to know if the advertiser is shaving or if the original affiliate network is shaving.

But maybe no one is shaving and it’s just two different types of affiliate network databases not calculating leads correctly.

It’s hard to find a definitive answer when there are multiple elements to the puzzle.

5. Communication

Re-brokering an offer adds an additional element of communication between advertisers and publishers. Instead of being able to directly talk to an advertiser, the re-brokered affiliate program must go through the original affiliate network who will then go to the advertiser. There is no direct communication being done and things can get lost in translation.

How do you avoid re-brokered offers?

Look for Exclusive Offers.

Working with an affiliate network isn’t bad; it’s actually pretty great! It cuts out a lot of time searching for different types of offers and places them in one easy, accessible place. But in order to avoid re-brokered offers, it’s important to look for names that say “exclusive.”  

Exclusive means the network is the only one who has access to that offer. Revolution Force is known for the top Exclusive Adult Offers.