How to Copywrite a Headline Like a Pro

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Copywriting is one of those skills you cannot fake your way through in affiliate marketing.


Because creating great content is too important when it comes to business. Whether it is an email, article, or ad, what you write matters, and it starts with the headline. Headlines determine if your target audience will invest their time in what you have said, so make sure your headline is either catchy or interesting.

Today, at Revolution Force, we decided to showcase our top writing advice so you can eventually be writing like a pro.

1. Keep it simple

Don’t throw big words or ideas out to your audience. Your headline needs to avoid any confusing or unnecessary language.

Your job is to get the reader interested rather than confused. Focus on ONE main idea, and that is it.

Pick the most powerful aspect of what you’re featuring and center everything around that.

2. Hook ‘em

Use hooks in your headlines whenever possible. 

What’s a hook? 

A hook is a sentence or, in this case, a headline that draws people into reading more about something. It sparks a person’s curiosity. An example of a hook could be- “How to lose 5lbs in 5 days.”

3. Style

There are multiple styles when it comes to writing headlines. If you’re ever stuck use this as a reference. 

Question: Ask a burning question to your readers. 

Asking a question gets the reader involved and thinking before continuing with the rest of the written material. 

Strong, Powerful, Emotional Words: Words such as Secret, Stop, Warning, Winning, Amazing, Fearless all spark a powerful or emotional response. 

Not all words are created equal and should be used to ignite a sort of emotion to your audience. Appealing to your audience through words will increase curiosity and, ultimately sales.

The How to Crowd: It’s as easy as it sounds- 

“How to create financial stability.” 

“How to stop smoking in 30 days.”

4. Follow the 4 U’s

Each headline should contain all for U’s.

· Urgency

· Unique

· Useful

· Ultra-specific (direct)

5. Use numbers and data

Use odd numbers. According to findings from Content Marketing Institute, the brain appears to believe odd numbers more than even numbers. Instead of saying 6 ways in your headline, switch it to 7 ways.

6. Keywords

Finally, use keywords. SEO is crucial, and Google is still the primary source of traffic. Consider using specific keywords in your headlines after you’ve followed all the other suggestions above. 


Remember, practice makes perfect. Start by applying a few of these tips and test out different headlines. A/B testing is always key.