5 Tips for Email Subject Lines

First impressions are everything. You know this, and I know this, which is why the subject line is vital to any email.  A subject line is the first thing viewers see and how you craft the subject line is crucial to whether an email gets opened or trashed.

But don’t worry! Revolution Force is here to point you in the right direction to getting those emails opened. Here are 5 tips for subject lines:

1. Offers

Sending out free offers and promotions will get anyone to open an email. Who doesn’t like free things? Include what you’re offering in the subject line and viewers will be more inclined to open the email. Whether it’s something free or discounted viewers are going to be curious about what potential discount they could be receiving.

“Receive a free X when you X”

2. Urgency

Create a sense of urgency. Giving viewers a deadline to do something will generate a sense of urgency. Many people have FOMO, also known as “fear of missing out,” which is why these types of subject lines work well.

“ 1 day left….”

3. Curiosity

It’s human nature to be curious. Subject lines that pique interest to your target audience and give readers just the right amount of tease will inevitably end in an opened email.

“How I lost X lbs. in X amount of days.”

4. Personalization

Get personal with your readers. It creates trust and helps establish long-term relationships. In this day in age, it’s easy to learn about your target audience by tracking their demographic, searching their LinkedIn, knowing their birthday, reviewing their browsing history on sites, segmenting location- well you get the point.   

“March birthdays won’t want to miss….”

5. Relevance

People want breaking news. Crafting a subject line that incorporates breaking news or a trending topic will compel people to click to the email to read more.

“Breaking news….”

Extra Tips and Tricks

Short and Sweet

Keep the subject short. If the subject line is too long, it will get cut off, especially for viewers using their mobile phones.

Name Recognition

Make sure to use the same sender name. Familiarity is key.

Don’t Make False Promises

If your subject line has an offer in it, then make sure the email follows through with the offer. The goal is to sell and false promises will only result in an unsubscribe or email blocking.

Timing is Everything

The right time and the right subject line are two key factors to success. Sending an email at the correct time can make a huge difference in an open and clickthrough rate.


Do not be too wordy. Be concise with the language you use. Remember people are quickly scanning their inboxes, the easier the subject line, the quicker it will be opened.

A/B Test

Although I’m giving you the inside tips and tricks, it’s always best to test a few different options. That is where A/B testing comes into play. It’s all about figuring out what works best for your specific audience.

By: Lauren Van Sloten