Fantasy Sports is the Key to Campaign Success

The American football season is about to start, and while I really don’t care for it, I know that I am in the minority. I’m often asked why I have a general disdain for football. The reasons are quite simple, the season is too short for me, there is not enough opportunity to see how the dynamics develop inside a team, and very rarely do you have the opportunity to see your favorite teams play each other. If that isn’t enough reason, add to it, the fact that a football team’s bench has to be incredibly deep, most of their talented players will never see the field, and injury will end the short season for your favorite player. You have to have redundancies in place for every strategy and you cannot afford to hold back anything on a Thursday or Sunday, else you risk death in the water. It is high risk/high reward and the risk-return spectrum is not for the faint of heart. Believe it or not, there is a lot of luck involved.

American football generates more money than any other professional sport. Most teams will play sixteen games over seventeen weeks and will generate roughly $13 billion dollars in revenue, throwing off more than $1 billion in profit. It is exactly like the hot new offer that is paying out huge numbers with a finite budget. You will need top tier media, you might need to day part and even time part your campaigns to make sure that you are producing a profit while delivering the quality required by the advertisers. Most publishers will find high volume run of network media and try to take the easy road to a profit, but that strategy will never work long term. You will end up getting paused and beaten out by the publisher that spent the time to test and optimize their strategy using specific placements and creatives. Much likened to football, your bench has to be deep and you need to know how your players are going to perform. Apply your football strategy to the exclusive offers that will perform on a pay per sale.

Baseball on the other hand is a game that I believe in and fully endorse. The Major League Baseball season schedule consists of 162 games for each of the 30 teams in the American League and National League, played over a season of approximately six months. That is a total of 2,430 games, not including the postseason. If your favorite team is at the bottom of the standings, just wait a few months and it may look totally different. Billy Beane taught us all that there is very little luck involved with the sport on a professional level, it is a game about statistics and analytics. The baseball strategy is where you test 20 different banners with 10 separate landers, pushing leads to five separate rotating offers, all while introducing new challenges to every campaign. This will result in high profit yields while leveraging marginal media and even blind run of network traffic.

Last but definitely not least is always my first choice, a sport that I live and die by: ICE HOCKEY. The average stature of an ice hockey player is 6’ and roughly 200lbs. The average size of an American male is 5’10” and 180lbs. Physically, there is nothing disproportionate between a hockey player and most of us. Mentally, it can be night and day. Dedication, training, work ethic, and pure drive for success are the traits that can make and break a hockey player. There are 82 games played over a period of six months before half the teams move into a two month playoff (best of seven series). You can put a team on the ice that is the perfect mix of veterans and talented rookies. Players that will sacrifice body in front of the net, people that will work night and day, and can win a championship for their city. Ice hockey is the sport of a good affiliate network. Ice hockey is the sport of Revolution Force.


In summary, internet marketing and fantasy sports success can be summarized into a few simple points:

  1. Strategy
  2. Math
  3. Forecasting


The key to any success is surveying the landscape. Look at the entire marketplace and identify the key players, who is spending money who is bootstrapping a project (or willing to) to achieve their goals? Do the pre-work and run projections. The analysis will help build a plan to carry you beyond simple short term success. Intuition and opinion can only paint a picture of what might become a reality, and one dark horse can completely destroy your outcome. Start your plan based on historical stats, but since we do not live in a static world, change is a necessity.


Revolution force is network comprised of industry veterans and dedicated affiliate managers. We are not here for the short game, we are building long term partnerships with both publishers and advertisers. We are always available to provide support and advice to make sure that you met your goals.  We work day and  night to provide you with the tools and training needed for your campaigns to succeed. We are not looking to win one championship, we want to build a legacy.

Sean Christian