Sex, lies, and the Olympics

Revolution Force is back in the office and in full effect after two major conferences.

If you asked me for my opinion about conferences two years ago, I would have told you that they were close to dead and unnecessary to attend. Affiliate World Europe and (surprisingly) Affiliate Summit East 2016 have changed my mind about the value-add and opportunity that attending a conference can bring to the affiliate, network, and advertiser.I have personally attended more than 100 trade-shows and conferences in my career. Flights, hotel rooms, keynotes, networking events have amalgamated and blended together. The stand out and most common conversations between colleagues are about using the right credit card for frequent flyer miles and hotel points. Endless networking events and late nights bonding with new contacts in unfamiliar cities, only to arrive home with a bag full of business cards with notes on the back to light the path to broken promises and deals that never come to fruition.

Thousands in spend and millions in chatter but no follow-up on business conversations.

You have to ask yourself, what is the point of attendance when you can accomplish so much more by staying at home behind your keyboard?

There are two things that can be accomplished at a conference and both can be keystones in your success.

  1. Pay attention to market trends
  2. Go in with pure enthusiasm

The Olympics…
Once upon a time, when the online dating market was still young and growing, I would plan to double my media budget and affiliate spend for Q4 of each year. Immediately following Christmas and New Year’s was historically, the best converting time for online dating. Christmas morning brought new computers and devices from santa, excited to to peruse the internet and naturally, it is also the coldest time of year in most tier one markets. The internet was the easiest place to find sex and love from the comfort of your own home.

Historically, summertime has always been the worst time for dating site conversions. The assumption was always that people were on vacation, outdoors, enjoying themselves in the world, and meeting their personal needs face to face. This effect was compounded every four years and we would see the very worst, bottom of the barrel traffic trickle and conversions. The reason? The Summer Olympics. Gymnastics and Volleyball are the enemy of every online marketer.

As I sit here, watching my recording of the closing ceremony in Rio from my Apple TV, I realized that 205 countries participated in the Summer Olympics this year and it dawned on me, the majority of the masses watched the ceremony live on their TV sets and mobile devices.

However, it is different this time. Summertime is here, the Games are happening, and we are doing record high revenue numbers with online dating.

Continuing to attend conferences gives me the opportunity to spend personal time with our advertisers to understand their product roadmap, talk about real conversion data they have on GEOs that, traditionally, have been ignored, understand their monetization strategy with the leads that we are sending. I also get to spend time with our affiliates and find out more about their businesses, discuss their traffic generating techniques, share the data from our advertisers, and find out what their needs really are.

Summer slowdown is a thing of the past, and to stay ahead of it, you need to expand what it is you are searching for. Mobile offers in second, third, and even fourth tier GEOs can change any campaign you are running and can easily double your ePC, but you need to have the right offer for the right country. Revolution Force is now monetizing more than 150 countries and I am personally excited to grow it even more. Tell us what you need, and if we don’t have it live, we can get it built for you!

Stay fired up.

Sean Christian

p.s. if you have a good offer that is working for you in Japan, please let us know :)