It is a good day here at Revolution Force!

Year one is big milestone for any company and it’s been an amazing year for Revolution Force!

Thank you to our Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Family, and Friends for being a part of this journey.

It was on July 1, 2015 that I started this new project with my trusted partners to create a new brand in the marketplace, a new network from the years of experience and unique perspective that each of us at Revolution Force bring to set new standards in the performance space. I am very proud to say that we have surpassed all of our year one goals and marching strong into year two with new learnings and exciting developments!

A lesson in history…
16 years ago, I started this journey in digital marketing. I am still amazed everyday by the shifting and evolving marketplace in our industry. Years ago, I was running a rev-share affiliate program that funneled into the first adult dating site and the landscape was much different to today. There were no media-buyers in affiliate marketing. Traditional affiliates were content creators and traffic traders who generated traffic through static banners. In 2001, live streaming adult sites were pushing the edge of technology and eating up bandwidth. We were pioneers and revolutionaries. Adult was the mother of invention in affiliate marketing and innovators of online business models.

According to a few veterans in our industry, the glory days of internet marketing have passed, it’s a dying industry, and adult dating and webcams are in their sunset years. They go to conferences to spout theories about the lack true affiliates left in the market and how the scandals and hacks in the press have killed opportunity and trust. My response is simple, the dating industry is at an all-time high and there is no end in sight. Adult dating and webcams generate $2+ billion in revenue per year (yes, that is a B not an M). To be fair, the money and the traffic doesn’t come as easy as it used to.

The key to success in today’s dating market is work ethic and leveraging technology. Revolution Force’s primary focus is dynamic targeting to get the right user to the right product. I was very familiar with tracking software in the market, and I was all too familiar with their flaws and weaknesses. Our very first mission was to build out a tool that would cover every geo, every operating system, and every device…. and it had to be faster and more accurate than anything available. Before the end of this calendar year, we will launch a self-service UI for our Campaign Router tool for all of our partners to use and you will be able to see why we have found our success in the dating marketplace. The next keystone to success in the dating industry is having the right offer for the right geo, focus on offers from emerging markets, and make sure that the sales funnel is localized.

That being said…
Since I was with adult friend finder for many years, I had the opportunity to partner with every major dating company and build personal relationships with each CEO and founder.

We generated billions of dollars in affiliate traffic over the years and I have never missed a payment nor have I ever backed out of a deal.

These relationships provided me with a runway to negotiate exclusive offers from every dating company in the industry. My experience has provided me with the insight to know which companies to partner with and provide full coverage and run campaigns in more than 150 countries. I personally work with each of our advertisers to run exclusive offers without any caps or budgets, we have unlimited room to grow worldwide and the technology to support it.

There are only a small handful of people left in the dating industry from when I started; some made their fortune and moved on, many have washed out and took a paycheck at a corporation. Personally, I never found something more interesting than internet marketing. We are in the cradle of innovation and there will be massive successes to celebrate. We will continue to work for it and remain teachable.

This last year has been an intense journey, one that I would not trade for the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of publishers who have signed up with Revolution Force, all of our advertisers for the hot exclusive offers that are only available through Revolution Force, and to all of those who have simply expressed support- without the involvement and enthusiasm of our friends and family, we would not be where we are today. Of course, I have to thank my founding team (Mark, Jeremy, Carmelo, Brent) who collectively took a chance to build a brand new CPA network brand.

Sean Christian